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Increase sustainability and profitability

Fast Beam takes your operations’ sustainability to the next level.

The unique system features enable vastly increased efficiency, and industry-leading sustainability. 

Sustainable deck operations are our priority

With Fast Beam, you can make sustainability a priority, without sacrifice. Fast Beam drives a positive effect on the entire business process.

Fast Beam is one-of-a-kind, giving you the opportunity to increase efficiency and take the leap to sustainable operations, at the same time.

We have made the Fast Beam system extremely lightweight, compact and durable. This way, logistics and storage can be simplified to new levels. The tough system can be reused up to 100+ times, and it reduces dependence on single-use components.

These are also features of any extension components, so you can adjust the setup to perfectly suit your projects’ needs. The system is applicable to virtually all decks, enabling you to complete more projects with the same hardware.

Fast Beam is a floating system, so you only need to fix it to the deck. This way your projects do not affect the surroundings, and you do not need to consider vast earthmoving endeavours in your plans. This also makes waste management considerably easier.

As everything is carried out on-deck, logistics are simplified, efficiency is increased and costs are minimized.

The entire Fast Beam system can be waterproofed, enabling complete wastewater collection. The hydraulic adjustment of the platforms gives you control over waterflow, so you can collect all wastewater in a container without risking spill-over into the environment.

All debris stays on the deck and platforms, from where it is collected and handled. In projects with strict environmental guidelines, these features are groundbreaking.

Make sustainability your default

Designed to supercharge your deck operations, without shortcuts.

Fast Beam is extremely easy to install, operate and dismantle. By keeping the entire process simple, sustainability is easier to achieve. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Fast Beam does not add complexity to your operations. Fast Beam is designed to increase performance in all key areas of your operations.

We offer you the unique combination of efficiency and sustainability.

Built sustainable from the ground up

Sustainability and efficiency are the key drivers that created Fast Beam

Fast Beam is designed to provide a direct solution to the huge maintenance backlog of bridges. As the problem in itself has a colossal impact on the environment, we set out to speed up the process remarkably.

The sustainable values are present in all aspects of the system. Fast Beam is made out of 95% recycled steel, and we make sure to keep resource use at a minimum. Fast Beam is the efficient solution for solving the backlog problem.

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