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Can be used for concrete and steel decks

Fast Beam is a scaffolding system for deck repair and rehab. As Fast Beam is a floating system it suits most decks.


Simple and agile planning process

Easy to plan

Fast Beam provides the tools for planning the system on the deck.

Independent from surroundings

Fast Beam is floating on the deck, so no plans for installation in the surroundings are required.

Modular and efficient

Fast Beam can be installed on damaged or curved decks, and is a good choice for ecologically sensitive environments.

Fits all decks

Planning is easy for long, short, curved or damaged decks. Special requirements such as grounding or complete wastewater and debris management can be solved by the Fast Beam scaffolding system.

Light logistics

The Fast Beam system is small and light-weight, and all components are available from one vendor. The logistics required for the scaffolding system is cost-efficient.

Traffic disturbances kept to a minimum

Thanks to the fast installation process, traffic management requirements are minimal. When installed, the compact size usually allows for traffic lanes to be kept open.

Fast Beam in use

Efficient, safe and sustainable

Fast Beam improves your operational efficiency. Installation and dismantling tasks can be done faster with less workforce. In parapet formwork you’ll also gain efficiency boosts.

Adjustable platforms supporting tasks, people and workflow
Reduction of carbon footprint
Smooth flow of traffic
Agile onboarding, operation and training

Organization integration

Fast Beam can enchance your deck operations

The installation of Fast Beam systems can be performed with small crews; just 2 – 3 people and a crane car is enough for smaller projects. For users the system operation is very straightforward, as they can continuously adjust the working platforms to suit their current needs.

Easy to learn, easy to master

Your Fast Beam installation and dismantling crews will quickly gain experience and improve efficiency. An experienced crew can install or dismantle up to 100 meters of scaffolding per day. Thanks to the minimal logistics requirements, your installation crews will be mobile and efficient.

The tool for all decks, edges and walls

Users can handle all operations of the system, and they can assist in installation and dismantling. The system adapts to the task at hand, and provides the support and functionality for parapet rehab, formwork, reinforcement work and demolition.

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