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Adjustable scaffolding system for temporary works.
Made for all decks, edges and walls.

Fast Beam helps you save time, money and resources, in a sustainable and safe way.

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Fast Beam suits all decks

Fast Beam is suited for any kind of deck, both concrete and steel. The length of the deck is not a factor.

The floating scaffolding system can be installed anywhere and everywhere: bridges, jetties, docks, dams, parking houses, canals, viaducts, flyovers, and more.

Fast Beam is for parapet reparations, formwork, casting & rebar work.

The Fast Beam scaffolding system also suits sites and projects that require hydrodemolition or grounding, ecologically sensitive sites as well as work on curved or damaged decks.


Fast Beam supercharges your deck operations and maintenance

Fast Beam is easy to install, operate and dismantle. The system is fixed to the deck, meaning that your projects become uniform, and they increase in speed and efficiency.

Speed & efficiency

Quick installation and dismantling on any deck.

Ease of use

Easy to use, learn, teach and deploy in your organization.


Safety and ergonomics are core in the process.


Small carbon footprint.


Save time, money and resources in scaffolding works


Traditional process
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Fast Beam process



Fast Beam in use

Compact, light-weight and agile

Fast Beam is compact, and it is easy to store, transport and use. When fixed, the system usually needs less than one meter of room on the deck. With Fast Beam traffic disruptions are kept to a bare minimum.

The system’s flexibility allows for installation also on curved decks. As Fast Beam is a floating platform system, any traffic below the deck can flow undisturbed.

The adjustable platforms provides the ergonomic work setting for your crews. Keep your crews safe, even in the most physically demanding tasks.

Made from 95 % recycled steel

Fast Beam system components

Base components


Fixed on the deck

Fast Beam hanger

Mounted on the hangers

Fast Beam platform

Optional extras


Increase height

Fast Beam riser

Increase reach

Fast Beam extender
Demolition solutions

Fast, safe and environmentally friendly

Fast Beam hydrodemolition solutions


Easy to learn, easy to master

Fast Beam provides the necessary training and materials for you to succeed. The system itself as well as the installation, use and removal is easy to learn – and teach.

As your crews learn how to properly use Fast Beam, their efficiency will be increased. Experienced installation crews achieve up to 100 meters of installed scaffolding per workday.

Patented around the world

Tested, secure and certified

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Highways England blue star item

Blue Star Item

Awarded for innovation and good practice for the first Highways England major project to use the Fast Beam on a scheme.

Over 100 completed projects all over Europe

Highlight projects and customers

Karhula, Finland

Karhula twin bridges

Deck length 68 m

Umeå, Sweden


Deck length 27 m

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