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Brief introduction of all Fast Beam scaffolding system details, technical videos and more.


Fast Beam is all about speed and efficiency. We have compressed the key points of the system as well as a practical demonstration of Fast Beam in action into two three-minute videos: Animated Technical Presentation and Fast Beam in action.

In addition, the playlist contains detailed videos of the system configuration, processes and features.

Fast Beam video playlist
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Animated Technical Presentation
Animated Technical Presentation
Fast Beam in action
Fast Beam in action
Installation & Dismantle – how it’s done
Installation & Dismantle – how it’s done
Automatic Hydro Demolition Line
Automatic Hydro Demolition Line
Highways England 2019 Awarded System
Highways England 2019 Awarded System
Tools for Fast Beam
Tools for Fast Beam
Usage animation
Usage animation

Continuously updated FAQ

Enclosed a list of frequently asked questions on our website for your convenience.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Last updated 9.12.2021.


Fast Beam is a modular, adjustable scaffolding system from Finland for all decks, edges and walls. It is hydraulic and can be used for multiple purposes from parapet rehab and castings to reinforcement. Fast Beam is suitable for projects demanding hydro-demolition, grounding or in ecologically sensitive environments.

Fast Beam can be used on bridges, docks, jetties, canals, dams, parking houses etc, regardless of their decks’ length, curve or form. Fast Beam has already been used in +100 projects.

Yes, as it can be adjusted both sideways and hydraulically vertically for each single hanger. The advantages are probably the highest for concrete bridges, docks, jetties etc. due to their maintenance and repair challenges, and in rehab of parapets with Fast Beam’s integrated formwork for concrete casting. Fast Beam is as usable on small decks as on bigger ones.

All weather conditions, including winter, are appropriate for the Fast Beam system. The working area can be fully covered for weather protection.

Fast Beam is the quick, efficient, easy, safe and ecological scaffolding system.

According to our experience the throughput time is shorter compared to that of traditional methods, with less workforce. According to our customers it is actually faster, especially in parapet rehab with Fast Beam’s integrated formwork for concrete casting.

Fast Beam is an easy installation, usage and dismantling scaffolding system. It’s easy to learn and teach, and operations don’t require separate qualifications. The usage of the system becomes an easily reproducible industrial process.

We test 100 % of our hangers to be able to offer a safe working environment. All work is performed from the safety area. The working platforms are always installed with safety fences in place. The hydraulically easily adjustable working platforms allow ergonomic and safe working postures with the right working height at each work stage, also in heavy reinforcement work.

95 % of it’s steel is recycled, and it has a very low carbon footprint. The system is light-weight and compact. It also has a long lifespan. In addition it protects the surroundings on-site as it can be waterproofed for wastewater and debris collection. Wastewater and other debris can be directed to the desired location by hydrulically adjusting the height of each working platform. And the Fast Beam system itself doesn’t generate any waste.

The life span for one Fast Beam unit can be up to 1000 uses.

We have several scaffolding system versions. For example the maximum load for our P4 system is 3,650 kg including the workers & their equipment and the formwork. The maximum load can be further increased by using extra supports.

It doesn’t, because Fast Beam’s multipurpose system is so adjustable. The multiple adapter options allow the Fast Beam system to be used for almost all edge beam options. Also, the installation and disassembly of moldings is easy with Fast Beam’s integrated formwork for concrete casting.

The basic system requires less than 1 m and even with add-ons only 1,35 m. This means that traffic can usually flow normally during the repair.

Thanks to the light weight and modularity of the system it can be installed and dismantled considerably faster than other products on the market. An experienced crew can install even up to 100 m per day, and less workforce is needed for the scaffolding system installation than normally.

Only basic working tools plus a crane car and normal drilling machines are necessary.

No. We use the same method as the bridge inspectors as they’re doing the tensile testing of the deck, and we use the same adhesive as they do (Hilti-HY 200-A Hit Mass (or equivalent)) when doing the patching.

Fast Beam allows the work to be completed faster and sustainably without any waste. The use of Fast Beam is minimizing the traffic disturbance. Fast Beam protects the surroundings on-site as it can be waterproofed for waste water and debris collection. Fast Beam is designed for serving smart city infrastructure during the whole project.

Patented around the world

Tested, secure and certified

Fast Beam received the Blue Star award from Highways England for health and safety.

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Inspection report 7.2.2019

Highways England blue star item

Description of Blue Star Item

Awarded for innovation and good practice for the first Highways England major project to use the Fast Beam on a scheme.

Fast Beam is a highly adjustable hydraulic platform offering a safe and ergonomic working environment. It increases productivity significantly as it can be installed and dismantled considerably faster than any other product on the market. Being the only system that integrates both automatic hydro – demolition and concrete casting formwork. As a further advantage, the system can also be used as a safe and movable passageway. Fast Beam helps achieve a safe, productive and sustainable infrastructure.

Benefits of Blue Star Item

Benefits include the fast and easy installation of the system, which is estimated to be 50% quicker than scaffolding and other methods. It minimises traffic disturbance and lane closures.


  • Less material and machinery are needed for Fast Beam to be transported to site and erected.
  • It significantly reduces manual handling and requires fewer workers.

Details and Cost of any Specific Product

Using Fast Beam rather than traditional scaffolding methods will provide a value engineering solution on many bridge repair and maintenance projects as it will reduce programme time and traffic management.

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